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Shaala Darpan-Government of Rajasthan Education Portal

Written by - Akshatha Sajumon

February 7, 2022 5 minutes

With the advent of the digital India campaign, many schemes have been launched by the central government to make use of digital means for adding value to the life of the citizens. One such scheme which uses digital means is Shaala Darpan. The Ministry of Human Resource Development launched it. The program was launched by then HRD Smt. Smriti Irani in the last quarter of 2015. The main objective of Shaala Darpan is to provide parents with clear-cut data that can help them track their children’s progress. The school admin may have a real-time digital perspective of the school. They do it by connecting students and instructors together on a single platform. Shaala darpan provides information about mid-day meals, student achievement, participation status, academic qualification, and medical problems. Other important fields and feedback forms are also found in the portal. The adoption of this portal is mainly limited to government-run schools like the Kendriya Vidyalaya. They strive to apply the same in the entire country to provide a much-needed boost to the education sector.  

The objective behind launching the Shaala Darpan Portal

In essence, in modern households where both the parents may be working, focusing certain time upon their children and periodically checking their school work can get a bit hard. They may desperately want to check up on their children, but the workload may refrain from doing that. So, to supplement this, the Shaala Darpan portal has been founded. It provided every information regarding the children to their parents at their respective fingertips. Through this, the parents can catch up on their kid’s progress in school from anywhere. This ultimately will enable a better system of accountability and information dissemination. 

Advantages of Shaala Darpan Portal

  • Proper and correct information will be provided to the parents straight from the data fed to the system by the respective teacher. 
  • A systematic overview will be available to the parents to track their children’s progress.
  • It would save time for parents and students. Further, it will also lessen the class teacher’s work as they won’t have to take the initiative for every student at fault. 
  • The parents can use the information provided by the portal for discussing amicable solutions to students’ problems. 
  • It will lead to the proper utilization of digital resources provided by the government. 
  • Releases the workload of busy teachers. For instance, if a teacher has around 3-4 sections, then micromanaging and focusing on each student can get a bit hard; they can take a sigh of relief through this portal. 
  • Further, the portal provided enunciated information about students who may be needing help directly from their parents, thus lessening the unnecessary work burden of the teachers.

Facilities of Shaala Darpan’s

  1. School search process
  2. The process to view school report
  3. Procedure for viewing student’s report
  4. Procedure for viewing staff report
  5. Scheme Search Process
  6. Know Your School NICSD ID
  7. The process to know the staff details
  8. Staff login
  9. Transfer schedule

How to login in Shaala Darpan?

  • Each state has its portal. Thus the login link will differ from state to state. For instance, if the parents reside in Rajasthan, which notably has major adoption of the portal, then they will be required to visit Rajasthan’s Shaala Darpan website. 
  • After successfully opening the login page, the parents need to click on the login button to proceed further in the process. 
  • They can access their students’ reports by entering the User ID and corresponding password, which the school should provide to each student.


Shaala Darpan is an integrated platform that has been employed to bridge the gap between students, parents, and teachers through digital means. It is a small step at realizing the bigger dream of cent percent literacy in India.


How can Shaala Darpan benefit the students?

Students who have been lagging can get aid from their parents if their information is a bit behind reaches their guardian at the earliest. The whole exchange between the parents and students efficacious through Shaala Darpan

How can one contact anyone for queries related to the Shaala Darpan?

Firstly, the school authorities can be reached for basic clarification. If the parents may require more help, they can raise a query through the help button on the home page

Is there a mobile application available for the Shaala Darpan Portal?

There seems to be no official application on the Play store by the Government of India. At present, it can only be accessed through the web.

How can I view a student report?

Firstly, the user will be required to log in with the correct credentials. For verification, contact the concerned school authorities. After a successful login, they will be met with a page where facilities available on the portal should be present. The user should click on the student report to get the same.

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