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National Pension SCHEME

A happier tomorrow. A happier today

Invest in the National Pension Scheme to save for your retirement and save on tax today.

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National Pension SCHEME
Regulated & Transparent

Regulated & transparent

PFRDA appointed POP (Point of Presence) registration number 1614858 and we are authorized to provide NPS services.

Save Taxes

Save taxes

Under section 80CCD of Income Tax Act, save upto ₹15,480 in taxes

Get regular pension income

Get regular pension income

Build retirement corpus of 1.5Cr in 30 years with investment as low as ₹50,000 a year

Retirement investing on autopilot

Get auto choice option in NPS if you are a passive investor

Save additional tax of up to ₹15,480

Invest from as low as Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2 lakhs in NPS and avail tax deductions under section 80C & 80CCD depending on your income.

Save Additional Tax of up to ₹15,600

Paperless & quick

A completely digital process which only takes 3 steps to start investing.

Real time portfolio tracking

Track your NPS portfolio anytime on Fisdom app.

Ready To Invest

Ready to invest?

Join our family of 20 crore Indians who have access to better wealth management through our trusted partnerships and network.

  • 5000+ mutual funds from 40+ AMCs
  • Redeem in just a click
  • Track your finances in real-time

Frequently AskedQuestions

National Pension System (NPS) is an investment-cum-pension scheme to provide old age pension to Indian citizens. The NPS was rolled out on May 01, 2009 by Government of India. The Scheme is regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).

The scheme is based on a unique Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN), which is allotted to each Subscriber upon joining. Subscriber contributes towards NPS and on retirement or exit from the scheme, the corpus is made available to her with the mandate that some portion of the corpus must be invested into Annuity (to provide a monthly pension, post retirement or exit from the scheme).

There is no restriction in terms of frequency of contribution. The subscriber has the option to make the contribution in any mode – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Subscriber can make ad – hoc contributions as well.

Yes, NPS offers this flexibility. Subscribers are allowed to alter the contribution amount as per the suitability.